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My love oppa YONG ^.

My love oppa YONG ^.
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Senin, 03 Desember 2012

[NEWS] CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye are Dating??

Do U love yongshin couple  ^_^, if your read this article i think you're of course so happy ^^

 I came across a post in the top 10 on the entertainment section of Pann today speculating CNBLUE's Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye to be in a relationship. Although there aren't picture proofs or anything, the account was pretty interesting to read.
 This is a direct translation of the first best reply: [+164, -7] Fans already know that they're dating, just that they're keeping quiet about it. At the Baeksang Awards ceremony, Yonghwa smiled and pointed towards Shin Hye with his finger while singing the line, "Because I love you, and because only you know". A Yoochun sasaeng also went backstage to find him and found the two holding hands the entire duration of the first half of the ceremony while in their waiting room. Other accounts say that they're always holding hands or leaning against each other's shoulders while filming their drama. They don't have any intentions of going public with their relationship, though. When a reporter asked if she was in a relationship, Shin Hye replied that she was in a secret one."
The next best reply is an analyzation of two songs that they wrote the lyrics for. Fans suspect that they have been expressing their feelings towards each other romantically through these lyrics.
The songs in question are Yonghwa's 'Love is Only You', written for girl group AoA, and Park Shin Hye's 'I Think of You', written for 'Music and Lyrics'.


PSH: "Even when I'm watching fun movies or listening to music, I am only thinking of you...", "While walking down the streets, I am only thinking of you..", "I am only thinking of you... I can only think of you..."

JYH: "While listening to good songs and watching good movies, I think of you..", "I think of you when walking down pretty streets", "I'm thinking of you all day long..."

 PSH: "Can you tell that my fluttering heart is headed towards you?"

JYH: "You don't have to tell me because I can feel it, my heart is speaking of love"

PSH: "Do you know that your smile is reflecting me.. Do you know that your caring gaze is directed towards me.."

JYH: "Look into my eyes and tell me that you love me", "You are my sunshine"


Yong Hwa mentioned at a Japanese fan meet that Shin Hye was perfect at cooking. He then later said that his ideal woman is someone that cooks well. He also said that Shin Hye's character 'Kyuwon' is the exact type of ideal woman for him, and then went on to say that 'Kyuwon' is alike with Shin Hye in personality and style several times.


The last best reply: [+116, -5] There is too much evidence to say that they're not dating... Just that there's no official report out yet, but fans already know what's going on~


Source: Nate Pann
 credit: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2012/08/cnblues-yonghwa-and-park-shin-hye-are.html?spref=tw

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